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The director, personnel, and shareholders of FoodFacts are committed to supplying a professional, skilled and accurate service to all clients. FoodFacts ensures, through training, education and the provision of suitable equipment and instruments that laboratory staff are trained to the highest possible standard required.

The management and employees of FoodFacts are committed to the effective operation of the laboratory management system by achieving the goals and business objectives of FoodFacts

FoodFacts will provide to its customers an efficient, accurate, reliable and professional service within a competitive structure. The purpose of the management system is to ensure that the results released comply with general quality assurance practices, and that staff are technically competent to perform their tasks. All the employees of FoodFacts are familiar with the quality documentation and are responsible for ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures within their respective working areas.

The management of FoodFacts is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The laboratory is SANAS Accredited for the testing of food and water samples. View our schedule of accreditation here which can also be found on the SANAS website.

View our Certificate of Accrediation.